Fields Of Our Experience

Some typical applications that our Insulation Jackets/Blankets/Covers/Mats are applied too include;

Pipe work and associated fittings.


Exhaust systems.

Our Product Specifications

Standard Specification up to 250°C

  • Grey silicone coated glass cloth (inner face and outer face).
  • Rockwool infill.
  • Flame retardent Velcro and cord drawstrings.

Standard specification up to 400°C

  • Plain glass cloth inner face.
  • Silicone coated glass cloth outer face.
  • Rockwool infill.
  • Flame retardent velcro and cord drawstrings.

Standard Specification up to 600°C

  • Graphite coated fabric 1-5mm thick (which assists in applications were flexing is involved)
  • Insulfrax/Superwool/Needle Blanket/Rockwool infill.

Alternative specification available for temperatures up to 1000°C availble upon request.

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